More Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Gobble gobble! Get ready for Thanksgiving by sharing more Thanksgiving coloring pages with your the kids in your life. If you teach in your home or at a school, then you know children tend to have a tough time learning when they are not being actively engaged in something in order to learn. These more Thanksgiving coloring pages are great for this reason, since you will not have to lecture or use book learning the whole time. Also, the students or children will have a wonderful time creating pictures that you can use as decoration for the big day. Let them be independent while they color, or you can help them out with these holiday category sheets.
bkturk.png emptyhorn.png hornofplenty2.png
pilgramman.png pilgrim.png tgiv-frame.png
tgiving-boycanoe.png tgiving-buffalo.png tgiving-girlcanoe.png
tgiving-hornofplenty.png tgiving-kanga.png tgiving-pooh-crobin.png
tgiving-turkey.png turkey2.png turkeypilgrim.png

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