Calendar Coloring Pages

You recently got done teaching your kids or students the days of the week, now it is time to teach them the months of the year. Use a fun and simple learning method, such as our calendar coloring pages. Each picture features a different month, and a picture that corresponds to it. For example, you can color bunny rabbits for the month of March. Your children simply will adore these calendar coloring pages. Pick up a whole bunch of them to get them started learning their months, or just for a nice activity.



Educational Calendar Coloring Pages


Do your kids know their months, or are they learning them at the moment? Teach the seasons and months through our calendar coloring pages. They are great for teachers and homeschooling parents to use. Kids will color pictures with the name of the months and cute images which are related to that particular month. They can color flowers for June and a witch for October, among other fun and interesting things. Once they start to work on the quality calendar coloring pages, they will want more and more of them. Keep some stored away for when ever your children or students feel the urge to color, or when you want to use them for lessons or a creative project.


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Did you know that we carry hundreds of coloring sheets in different themes? If you are interested in finding a wide variety of sheets for your kids, you have come to the right place. From Christian to animals and much more, we are sure to have something for everyone to enjoy. The best part is that they are all free of charge. Save and print off calendar coloring pages, which you can use for many purposes. Help your kids to learn about each month with our great calendar coloring pages.



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