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We have many Christian coloring pages for you to look through and from which to choose your favorites. Supplement Sunday school teachings, or just introduce your children to the characters and stories of the Bible through these great printable coloring pages. You can choose between one or many of the 12 types of Christian coloring pages which we have available. These include Bible, Noah’s ark, Jesus, Moses, Garden of Eden, King Solomon, among other types of images. These are great learning tools for younger children especially, or even older children who are into artistic activities. Even if your child is not artistically inclined, he or she likely will enjoy coloring during some down town from playing. It is good to have options for quiet activities for your children or students, and these printable coloring pages are ideal for rainy days or quiet times.

Wonderful Christian Coloring Pages to Color


These Christian coloring pages are easy to print out. You only have to download each one you want onto your computer, and then hit the print button. It is good to store a stack of them, especially if you have multiple children or a class to which you are planning on giving them. There are so many options, these Christian coloring pages should keep your children or students entertained for hours. Since they are free, you do not have to worry about limiting yourself on how many you can print. Also, you will not have to buy coloring books from a store. These Christian coloring pages are just as good as coloring books that you can find in the same category.


Print Our Great Christian Coloring Pages


Children actually will enjoy sitting for awhile and coloring images from their favorite Bible stories. Many of these well known characters from the Bible will be a great introduction to the lessons which are taught in the book. Take a look at what we have to offer, and even have your children help you to choose some of the Christian coloring pages that they like the most. They are more likely to be interested in working on those that they pick out themselves, because children love to be independent and make their own choices. It can be fun and educational to sit and color with your children or students for awhile, as you can explain to them what is represented in the coloring sheets. This is important, so that it can be a learning experience, as well as a creative one. 



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