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Please make sure to check out the Holiday page. We've added over 2,000 new Christmas Coloring Pages!

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Hanukkah Coloring


Chanukah celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, of purity over contamination, of spirituality over materialism.

Santa Coloring


Christmas is my favorite time of the year! Give coloring pages to your favorite Grinch in order to get them in a more festive mood.

Holiday Coloring


We have over 2,000 holiday coloring pages including Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day, Halloween and Christmas and more!

Disney Coloring Pages


Do you like Mickey Mouse? How about Lion King, Elmo, Spiderman, or Frozen? We have everything from Adiboo to Zoboomafoo!

People Coloring


Community helpers like astronauts, firemen, clowns, and doctors & habits such as hygiene and how to identify and express feelings.


Check out our free Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter images, and even Calendar pages that can be used to teach the months of the year.

Food & Drink

Print out your favorite candy, food, beverage, vegetable, fruit, drink, picnic, egg and cooking coloring pages. Even ice cream!


Supplement Sunday school teachings and share the characters and stories of the Bible through these great printable coloring pages.


Perfect for teaching children many concepts like alphabet, numbers and shapes & world history in a fun and creative way.


Great for learning what animals look like, including birds, turkeys, wolves, gorillas, whales, horses, butterflies, jungles & more.


Everything else! Fairy tales, fairies, election, NASA/Space, patriotic, office, sports, dot to dots, castles and many other great choices!


Mazes test and stretch the mind, and are great for homeschool learning. From beginner to expert we provide hours of fun!

Ways to Use Our Coloring Pages

Rainy Day Fun

With just a printer and crayons, we turn a boring rainy day into a colorful, creative day! Let your imagination go crazy.

Not Just for Crayons

Decorate our coloring pages with crayons, markers, colored pencils, chalk, paint or anything else you have to make a splash of color!

Quilt Patterns

Many crafters print out our coloring pages to use as quilt stencils and needlepoint patterns. Easy to print and so many topics.


Long car rides can be so boring to little ones. Make sure to print out several coloring pages, mazes and characters for the ride.


You have permission to use our pages for any child care, church or school setting. No permission necessary, you just need a printer.

Birthday Parties

Print out a pile of coloring pages they are great for keeping them busy while you get cake. Or better yet, make your own holiday card!

Not Just for Kids

Coloring pages can be great fun for elderly people and intellectually disabled individuals. Help stimulate the mind with mazes.

Mail Them

Imagine the smile you can bring to grandma, an old friend, a military person, etc by mailing them your masterpiece! Mail one today.

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