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Most people know the story of Jonah and the Whale, from the Bible. If your children are just now learning it, or even if they already know about him, then they will love our Jonah coloring pages. Enjoy working on some of these sheets with your kids for a fun creative activity, which is a great way to bond. These Jonah coloring pages will bring the story home to them, because some kids learn easier when they have a visual to use to help them. Save and print numerous sheets from the Christian section, as well as our other categories if you happen to like them.

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Jonah coloring pages will turn the average day into a great day for your children. They will love to work on our quality Jonah coloring pages in Sunday school, during a homeschooling lesson, or just during play time anywhere they want. Break out the crayons and Jonah coloring pages when it is a rainy day, when you want to get your kids doing something creative, or when they ask for some. It would be your best bet to have a big stack of them available for your children to grab, especially if they are older and very independent. This is an activity which you will not really even have to supervise, but you can jump in at times to color Jonah coloring pages for a nice surprise.


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It is crucial that kids use their imaginations as much as possible, preferably every day. With most children, it will not be too difficult to get them to play creatively. Set up some crayons and Jonah coloring pages for your little ones and watch them scribble away for hours. Luckily, you do not need to worry about paying anything for any of our quality coloring sheets, because each one of them is free of charge. Print out Jonah coloring pages to share with your kids and their friends or your students today.




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