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Our nativity coloring pages are beautiful and captivating images that will help to teach children about Jesus and the tale of his birth. Home schooling parents and teachers can share these with their kids or students as a supplement to lessons or just for something to fill up the time in between subjects every day. Also, parents who are not home schooling may wish to give the Nativity coloring pages to their children in order to reinforce what they are learning at home or through Sunday school. Kids are sure to love coloring in the images of Jesus, angels, the Three Kings, Joseph, and several other types of Jesus coloring sheets. They may want to sit and color for hours, so it would be great if you had a large quantity of the sheets printed for them. Luckily, the entire list of printable coloring pages on this website are entirely free of charge for you. Make sure that you get a variety of the sheets for those rainy days and whenever they would like to sit and do something quiet. 


Amazing Nativity Coloring Pages to Enjoy


Help your children to get into the spirit of the season with these wonderful Nativity coloring pages. We also feature many other options throughout our Christian coloring pages category for your lessons and for your children or students to color whenever they wish. Since they may not know some of the concepts in these Nativity coloring pages or become confused, it can be helpful for you to sit with them and explain while you all color and bond together. This is especially the case for younger children, who will enjoy spending time working on Nativity coloring pages with you and learning about Jesus and what the religious holiday is all about. Even if you are not Christian, these free coloring pages provide a great opportunity to learn about the story of Jesus’ birth and what happened prior to it.


Print Our Free Nativity Coloring Pages


Your children will love to color for hours, if they have the chance. They will enjoy imagining what happened, and may want to make pictures for their family members and other loved ones. Have your kids help you to find the sheets that they want, if they are old enough. Many children prefer to do things independently, so they will like doing this, and are more likely to color the Nativity coloring pages that they pick. Print out some high quality nativity coloring pages today, as well as some sheets from other categories if you would like.





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