Pokemon Bellsprout Coloring Pages

Bellsprout is a plant-based Pokémon. it has a stem-like body, and roots that it can use as feet, too. Bellsprout is a dual-type Grass/PoisonPokémon. Look for other Grass or Poison-type Pokemon coloring pages in our character coloring pages section. 

Bellsprout evolves into Weepinbell, which evolves into Victreebel. Along with the Bellsprout coloring pages, Weepinbell is in the character coloring pages, too. 

Bellsprout prefers hot and humid places, living inforests as well as tropical jungles.

Free printable coloring pages like this one and others will be a magnificent addition to Poke-play. Collect them all!



  (Japaneseマダツボミ Madatsubomi)

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