Veterans Day and Memorial Day Coloring Pages

Our Memorial Day coloring pages will get your children and the rest of your family in a festive spirit for the holiday. We also feature numerous different holiday coloring sheets under our holiday category from which you can choose. You will find Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and many other national holidays. With our wonderful printable coloring pages, your kids will color happily for hours. If you are a parent who home schools or a teacher, there are many ways in which you can utilize these category sheets. For instance, they are great for supplementing learning lessons. If Memorial Day is coming up, share these sheets with them so that they can color and you can talk about the importance of the holiday. It is definitely much more fun to learn this way, but even if you do not use them for lessons, the coloring pages for girls and boys can be given to children during down time from learning. 

Veterans Day and Memorial Day Coloring Pages to Color


Share any of these 14 coloring sheets with your students or kids, or print all of them. This is easy, since we do not charge for our quality coloring pages. Take as many sheets as you would like in the different categories. This is beneficial to you, because you will not have to purchase multiple coloring books to get this same variety. The Veterans Day and Memorial Day category features many options of beautiful coloring sheets that honor the memory of those who fought for this country. Kids likely will want to create hand made gifts for loved ones, and these coloring sheets are great for that purpose. They can share their pieces of art with friends, teachers, and family. It would be an especially good idea if they would make pictures for family who personally are affected and celebrate Memorial Day with particular individuals in mind.


Give Veterans Day and Memorial Day Coloring Pages to Your Kids


Kids who are introduced to art through coloring will require some guidance in the early days. You might want to sit with them and explain what to do, or get them to model your own coloring. Watch carefully for any signs that any of the children have talents or interests in art that go beyond what is considered normal. No matter what level they are at coloring, all kids should be encouraged to continue coloring as much as possible. They all have big imaginations, which are important for them to use every day in their play and learning. 

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