10 Bratz Coloring Pages

Coloring pages for Bratz are available below. You can easily print or download them at your convenience.

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Bratz is a media franchise owned by MGA Entertainment that includes a line of fashion dolls, a motion picture, a television series as well as video games. The first product launched was Bratz fashion dolls that included four fashion dolls originally, named Sasha, Yasmin, Cloe and Jade. A fifth main doll was released in 2015 and is named Raya. The dolls were beautifully designed with almond-shaped eyes and shiny lips.

The product line of the Bratz dolls was always at the top of the pop culture trending at the time and the company also released several spin-offs like Bratz Kidz, Bratz Boyz, Bratz Babyz and many more.